10 of the longest drivers on the market in

The Longest Driver 2011

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If you need people swinging over for the testing, I am always available and local Newport News. However with a machine test, every swing is the same. Sasho Mackenzie authored a fascinating study on the influence of shaft flex and how humans react and adapt to it.

So, what sets the Rogue apart from the Epic? Hence a comprehensive club fitting, if you have somewhere near you that can fit you properly.

This is what makes your testing so different than anywhere else. While some say that golf is played by humans, not machine, I feel there is merit in subjecting the drivers to an Iron Byron test just for reference.

If someone pays for a driver, would he not pay an additional for a better shaft? Everything else is the same as it is in the previous tables. The best advice would be to just head to your local golf shop or retailer and try them both. It just sets the tone, and helps to make you feel comfortable. Our testers moved from one club to the next, and back again.

All other variables aside. It looks fantastic too, with incremental gains as a result of the new matte-silver colourway.

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Arguably a potentially lesser hitting driver will outhit a potentially dominant driver if it has been better set up. What about their spin rates as well? Regarding the use of robots.

longest drivers 2011

With results from all of our testers taken into account, here are the MyGolfSpy rankings for the longest driver in golf. Most importantly any driver will perform better if it is set up correctly for the user e. Would be interesting to know how they came up with the order of drivers to test and what type of warm up sessions was used. If I were looking to purchase one of today's drivers, it would be the Titty line. Even the colour of the driver may affect how the testers perform.

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It is like the golf companies saying they have the longest driver every year. The combination of the two tests should result in a true longest driver. The test is Longest Driver, bearpaw 2448ta pro driver windows 7 32 not longest driver head.

Finally, as I said, ball speed is only a single piece of the equation. Again as with the putter testing, I feel there is no valid control as humans swing the clubs. The reality is that audience is the guy who buys off the rack.

We are here to help educate and empower golfers. Finally, the Adams Speedline Super S that some may overlook, but never during our test was it far from the mix. And we generally need more help with the banana ball. Both have the new silky smooth ultrlight Miyazaki shafts in them and are cannons. They typically include this information, and yes they always use the same ball for all testers.

2011 Golf Club ReviewLongest drivers 2011

The longest driver 2011

Come on Thomas, I hope you got better than that. This just shows the importance of getting properly fit. For most people, adding weight to the club the Mass part of the equation will reduce speed.

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