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You can always have a liquor company sponsor the event or find other sponsors. Usually, speed dating events have a line of tables, with a chair on either side. For more assistance or to get your own speed dating kit, feel free to contact us.

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We specialize in providing event assistance and kits to help you with your speed dating events. Speed Dating Kits speed dating business speed dating hostess. Speed Dating kits to host your own speed dating event.

You might try a help wanted ad on the back that describes your ideal woman. Especially if the person sitting across from you is not someone you are desperate to impress. Set up a portion of your restaurant with tables that can seat multiple guests.

Host Your Own Speed Dating Events

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Information About Speed Dating. The worst that can happen is you move on to the next table. Use this time to speak with our speed dating event experts about hosting your singles event and tips for success.

How to Host a Speed Dating Event

Have your staff including the owner, chef, servers and bartenders stationed at each table. Tip Consider asking guests to fill in a booking form before they attend the event, providing you with their name and contact details. You can either host an event like this one that is Complimentary to selected guest from you email list or personal invites or you can charge. Greet each person at the door, asking for their name.

Make sure that all the food looks and tastes great! You can print these items if you choose. Within a week after the event, study the cards and pass on the contact details of any matches. During the tasting the Host of each table will introduce the item or items being sampled or paired. If that is the case, singles you have five minutes to be a character and create an outrageous life for yourself.

  1. Ordering the Speed Dating Kit is simple.
  2. Find yourself in Love, and Love will find you.
  3. My book will go into detail about the business, the excitement, keeping steady clients, and how Speed Dating relates to modern social trends.
  4. Speed Dating Singles Events in Tampa.
  5. Either way, they can become very popular and regular events.
Speed dating kits

How to Host Speed Dating Events

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The reason is you only have a limited time to make a great impression and you know you are competing with a room full of others being given the same opportunity. As a host there are things you must to for an event to reach its highest potential. Speed Dating Events Business. This company has hosted numerous events for restaurants, bars, lounges, and cafes similar to the one mentioned above.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Meet Singles in your Area! Some people look for love on the Internet during their coffee break or rely on friends and family to keep an eye open. This will mean that you can complete the labels and cards in advance. Need help with planning your restaurant events?

These are just a few tips for hosting a speed dating event. These resources will be invaluable to starting up your speed dating event business. Provide space for the person to write short notes about people they meet, and somewhere to tick or cross to show whether they are interested. You can put your stats on the back along with your favorite activities. Either way, the purpose is to make more money, increase brand visibility, add Events to your calendar, and engage with your customers.

Funny Speed Dating Ideas
The Original Speed Dating Kit

You are likely to need a large amount of floor space, too. Email support for using the kit is always available. Be a Character You have nothing to lose when speed dating.

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  • With the economy in such a crazy place, almost everyone is looking to increase their income.
  • The purpose of the book is to help anyone looking to start planning or hosting speed dating events for profit.
  • Random Questions Speed dating can be more stressful than a first date or even approaching someone at a bar.
  • Get the Speed Dating Kit and get going today.

Following the event, be sure to create an offer to send the participants that will prompt them to return. Further Help Need help with planning your restaurant events? If you meet someone who you want to stay in touch with, you might want to create a fun calling card that you can leave with them.

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Guys can have fun with a calling card as well. Tell radio stations about the event so they can publicize it on-air, and make pages on social networking sites where you can invite people, too. Know that you risk sounding like a stalker or weirdo, but if you keep it light and emphasize you are joking around, it can cut the tension for both of you. My most recent project is my book about hosting the best damn speed dating events one can possibly have. You will also need a bell or whistle, to sound when a minute has passed.

The Speed Dating Kit is available for purchase on Ebay. My speed dating kit can help with all of those things. Speed dating events can be run by large companies such as bars or clubs, or by local individuals who have time to spare.

Explore different venue options. All graphics are scalable and vector based, sites with meticulously named and grouped layers for the ease of customization. The Rules of Online Dating.

Ask the person to note down their email address and telephone number, for you to pass on to matches. On the back, do something fun like have a miniature survey. Perhaps you ask them to provide a background history, dating scan perth review the five-minute date on a scale of in several categories or just give them a coupon for a hug.

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