Ma tian yu dating, lin chi-ling has hooked up with ma tianyu

And he has a few other dramas such as Beauty Private Kitchen and Romantic Kitchen, the former he acted with Zheng Shuang and in the latter, he acted as a chef. He is so adorable, dashing, charming and appealing actor. He said, I do not have the family to repay me what, as long as they are good on the line. It is pretty annoying but expected.

  • With today's technology, people will feel entitled to bash on other people such as, celebrities, just because they're behind a screen.
  • People spreading false rumor due to being delusional is not right but it isn't new either.
  • Also, if you want to yell at someone then come at the person doing the wrong.

There isn't anything wrong with liking an actor and actress together, but there's a big different between reel and real. Ma Tianyu's family has always been the driving force of his progress, is a sweet burden. This is why Tianyu is such a hard worker and a grateful person. She deserves her happiness.

They look so cheap and fake! They don't need to be concise but still mean exactly what they mean. That eye patch is fashionable!

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That's not any of our problem. Truly, he is a person of gem. For years I thought you were dead. Email required Address never made public. His year-old son was plain and dark.

Does he has any girlfriends? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They were told by friends that they were too poor.

Ma Tian Yu romances Liu Tao in Amoy Marriage Remember

It doesn't matter who they ship or stan. The people blaming them and getting them hate are as delusional as shippers imo. He spent his youth helping his grandparents with their farm and would go to Beijing to sell their goods. This is just feeding their addiction to media and internet games.

Feature Ma Tian Yu

You just gotta ignore it and don't give them the attention they're craving for. Words are less to describe him. Stupid though because reality is different from dramaland.

This is why we can never have anything nice in this world. There are many Lunzi shippers out there that are not crazy or delusional like that. Shipping is supposed to be fun, why people so serious, the entertainment world is supposed to provided people with fantasy and escape the real world. So strong and courageous man. Like you believed she was her character.

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  3. Yea, Ray is a wonderful person having heart of gold.
  4. He proved himself as the best and showed no one is better than him for playing multiple remarkable roles.

Honestly, it looks like a bad photoshop job that someone did with minimal skill and a half-hearted effort at best. May his life filled with happiness. Has always been a good representative of chinese people in a foreign land. The baby's fleshy figure is very lovely!

This is fantasy, not wuxia. Enjoy your happiness and success, bae. She looks really sharp and badass. His growth experience is very rough, eat a lot of pain.

It just looks cheap, top dating like maybe the best you can buy at a costume shop on Halloween eve. This evaluation is very high ah. He made his acting debut in the film Evening of Roses.

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He really deserves what he has now. Good for Sandra Ma not backing down. Based on her name, I thought earlier she was Turkish though yeah, Uyghur is part of the Turkic ethnic group.

Many times, actress fanbase hate shipping as much as fans of the actor. Shipper isn't wrong but that isn't really importent I think the most importent is our idols life happily and married with their true love. Zheng Shuang entertainment famous upright girl, Without micro-blog not groundless talk, live at ease, Is so not to grab the resources are still good to burst, the film about.

Aarif Rahman Lee denies boyfriend is Ma Tianyu no girlfriend too
Ma tian yu dating sites


Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

He won Most Popular contestant during the competition. Due to age gap with the other female idols, it was natural she would develop friendships with male idols around her age. People spreading rumors is not something one should condone, I understand that. Queen of Mediaplay indeed. He made his debut in during the My Hero competition.


Ma Tianyu crossdresses to seduce his girlfriend s girlfriend

He recently graduated in August of this year. That why he is hottest and sexiest among all chinese. Don't even spend time to talk to them, red flags on online they belong to the mental institution and it will be so useless.

He truly is an amazing person! From my experience, shippers are usually a combination of fans from both sides or new fans. We should know what the next sentence is!

Someone kept requesting a feature on Ma Tian Yu. About Ma Tianyu's background, for the difficult before the famous, he had repeatedly mentioned. For those wanting to know more about Tianyu, I am no expert, but I was pretty obsessed with him a year ago because of his amazing performance in Ice Fantasy. Xianxia is more ancient Chinese fantasy, e. Can some update more deep information about him?

Feature Ma Tian Yu

He ranks as one of my top Chinese actors for this reason. Boss and Me was too saccharine for my taste. However, they both have denied a relationship other than being good friends. He is so versatile and multi-talented, he can play almost any part flawlessly! He was the regional champion for Wuhan and came in sixth place on the final competition.

Lin Chi-ling has hooked up with Ma Tianyu

His sentimental songs are a pleasure to listen to. It's very common to have that kind of mediaplay for new dramas. There has been some rumors about them being more than friends, but they both have denied it. At least the feathers in his hair looks somewhat genuine.

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