Driver 3 - Walkthrough

Driver 3 Nice Mission 1

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Driver 3 nice mission 1

Go back to the stairs and go up to the Roof. Go over and talk to the guy with the arrow over his head.

Driver 3 - Walkthrough

This section possibly contains original research. Go around the corner and shoot all of the guys here. All characters encountered, and Tanner himself, speak with American-style English dialects in this location. You can tell it's a big street by the size of it on the radar map.

Go straight and turn left at the end of this street. Once their car is wrecked get out of the car and shoot the bodyguards. However, Tanner decides Jericho isn't worth finishing off and turns away. You will come to a motorcycle shop.

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Go into that door and go up the stairs to the right. Go Inside the brown door to the right of the fence. Switch to your grenade launcher square and just time your shots to blow up cop cars that are coming towards you. Make your way around the building to your right and you will see an opening to the street ahead of you.

Driver 3 - Walkthrough

Exit the truck to complete this mission. Park in front of the building that has the red arrow in front of it. Quickly get out of the car once it is in the back of the truck and then get a car like before. At the bottom of the hill. Climb up the ladder on the crane.

Driver 3 - Walkthrough

You will just need to practice on this mission alot if you are not very good at turns. You have many options for this part of the mission. Halfway through the mission, you lose her, but, luckily, she has an accident. Use the boat like the last mission and look at your map.

Follow Calita along this street that curves to the right. Look at your map and Drive your boat to the long island that is above the word Miami. Get on the big yacht and shoot the guys that come down on each stair case on both sides of you.

Turn left and you need to use the ramp you see there to jump onto the roof of the building and hit the barrels up there. Keep chasing her until she eventually stops.

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Look at your map and make your way to where the bar is. Move slightly to your left and you will see some boards in front of you to jump over a wall.

DRIV3R / DRIVER 3 Missions Quiz

Very Nice View from up here by the way. Not quite as nice if you don't like heights though. There are a unique set of vehicles in this area as well, as with Nice and Miami.

It is the third installment in the Driver series and was developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Atari, Inc. Once you have gotten around the shipping containers a enemy car will drive up shoot the driver and passenger. This will usually make the driver stop and run out of their car. Jericho reveals there was a tracker in Tanner's pistol clip, and kills Dubois with the pistol, but Tanner manages to escape and blasts his way out of Nice, zte blade san francisco drivers along with Jones.

Head to the Objective point on the map and use the Ramp there to do a jump into the ocean. After that sharp turn you will need to make another one right away to the left. Go left at the next intersection on your map and follow this to the dirt parking lot with the red arrow. More guys will show up shoot them and go down the stairs. Move the camera to line up the word Coconut Grove straight with the top of the screen.

Get out of the car and shoot the guys at the gate in front of you and of course the van's driver if it is still chasing you. To get rid of your tail get out of your car and shoot the driver of the chasing car.

Tanner is an Undercover cop a. Shoot the guys that you find here on this floor and go out through the opening on the far right of this floor you will find more guys here and a ramp to go down on the far side. Use the far left starting point and when you start go straight and turn to the right. Go to your right and into the room with the open door to your left. Later, Vauban tells Tanner that Dubois is in a body bag and the bullets are his.

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Another difficult Chase starts now on motorcycles. Just try to avoid crashing as much as possible. When the hill flattens out you will see a broken portion of fence that you can drive through. Shoot the guys in this front room and then head towards the door on the left side of this ground floor. After the accusations of review fixing arose, the GamesRadar forums also operated by Future were filled with critical posts, many of which were deleted by moderators.