Dating silvertone amps, silvertone - made in japan guitars

Dating silvertone amps

It has made the amp slightly louder as well. And at a glance, the new looks like a straightforward reissue. Much of this book is catalog reprints, but from it and American Guitars by T. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Welcome to Silvertone World - Dating silvertone amps

Much like a Fender Jaquar in shape with a double cutaway body with the bass horn being the longest. Cool, nice clean original amp. This vintage amp is very clean both in looks and sound. You are responsible for return shipping. Tested to power on and the tubes light up as shown.

Which I have for sale in another auction. This is a neat vintage guitar amp that I purchased at an estate auction in Ohio. Lacks some authentic vintage touches that made the originals sound and feel special. Tolex is tear-free as you can see in the pictures and it doesn't smell like mold or mildew. Canada and Internationally and please ask for a quote for International shipping before bidding.

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This amp was originally bought back in the s with a Silvertone Harmony Model guitar. Slightly crunchy blues tone. It will be professionally packed for safe shipping, with insurance. Cabinet and grill cloth are worn. It is for sale elsewhere so this I reserve the right to end this auction early.

Silvertone Amps

No scratchy pots, just good, not so clean tone fun! There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there. Payments must be made through Paypal immediately after purchase. What you are describing sounds odd to me.

Gray leatherette tolex has no rips, tears or stains except for the wear around a few of the corners, see photos for detail. Thank you for considering Tone House Studios for your Boutique gear needs. All others are responsible for taxes and all other fees. Since this is our very first review, over 50 please excuse any rough spots.

The Unique Guitar Blog s Silvertone Amplifiers

Lots of pros have used small amps like this for recording. In fact this is one if the most quiet tube amps I've ever heard. It's not too loud to have cops called, but loud enough to know you're playing through a great valve amp! Later models used the industry standard nickel-silver frets.

The higher you turn up the bass and treble produces more gain this amplifier produces. In stupendously excellent condition. Please contact us immediately. Curiously, we believe someone replaced all the original capacitors with newer polypropylene film capacitors Orange Drops!

Lots of midrange growl and creamy overdrive. Notably, when both pickups were used together, the tone was much stronger. If you have a problem with an item you purchased. Just now they were adorned in lipstick tubes and mounted in cutouts in the masonite body.

4 input 2 channel tube head

Take a close look at the pictures and you will see that this amp is all original and in superb condition. Don't miss this opportunity. Then used a solid aluminum bar running from the peghead to the bridge for strength.

The amp had more high end now, but not enough to justify the need for high cut tone controls. The amp is working and sounding fine. Crank it up with lower output single coils and you get a warm. But a lot of people buy these at garage sales, flea markets, etc, freeview dating channels and ask me about them.

All other Coral parts were made in the New Jersey Danelectro plant. Please understand that some items are new and some are used. And it is sold as-is, returns or adjustments at my discretion. The tone controls I left disconnected. Two control knobs, volume and tone.

  • Silvertone tube amp This amp is in good working order.
  • Please use the shipping calculator.
  • Moral of the story is to play around with the switches and knobs to discover the full sound potential of theses guitars.
  • Please check out my other auctions.
  • It has one channel, two instrument inputs, and separate volume and tone controls.

Silvertone - Made in Japan Guitars

This dual channel amplifier controls were volume, tone, volume, tone and it came with tremolo controls labeled speed and depth. If you are selling your Danelectro, please note I would be interested in certain models. As far as we can tell everything is original. By clicking on the model number, additional information is available.

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Silvertone Jupiter 1423 1962 Black

Silvertone Guitars 1423 Review

If for some reason the item is not as described we will do our best to resolve the problem. International shipping available. This was tested with a microphone and did work, did not test with a guitar though. The pickup guts were placed inside surplus, chrome plated, lipstick tubes. Which makes it even harder to pin point the factory of origin.

Nothing missing or replaced. Unless other arrangements have been made prior to purchase. Go on the Silvertone Web Page and get full details on its history.

The final mod to the preamp was to add pf bright caps to both volume controls. Could you email to me some photos? Breedlove Pursuit Concertina E Review.

The Marketplace for Musicians stelmaschuk. Fall single cutaway body and lipstick tube pickups. All the manufacturing was outsourced to various guitar suppliers.

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The unpainted sides were covered in a whitish vinyl material. Original Silvertone tubes all test perfectly. Danelectro, Silvertone, Coral vintage guitars history and collecting. Sides, neck and bridge blocks were constructed of a Poplar frame, stapled together. Works but the pots are a bit scratchy.

Also, is there a serial method of dating this thing? Vintage Silvertone guitar amp. Sears Silvertone Model No. Here's your chance with a reasonably priced Silvertone. Like a lot of amps in those days, the grounds for the input and trem bypass jacks were only the physical connection of the body of the jacks to the chassis.

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He then stuffed the back full of fiberglass insulation. Hard to find one of these with the original speaker still around as they usually get scooped up by blues players who abused them for decades. It is missing the original Silvertone logo badge which was on the lower right corner of the grill. Feel free to ask questions or request photos.

  1. Lucky winner will pay actual shipping cost.
  2. So it might be possible that these were built for Sears by Harmony.
  3. In fact it was similar to an amplifier Danelectro sold under it's own brand called The Twin Twelve.
  4. Next, the thing generally still sounded like ass.
  5. There are some scratchy pots when changing the settings.
  6. Click here to see our other auctions!
Silvertone Guitars Review
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