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Bertrand which sank in the Missouri River in April had dozens of cases of these black glass Hostetter's Bitters on board. My wife won't let me move into her office, or into our bedroom. These clear bottles were fully embossed, with front and back diamond patterns.

Orange crush bottle

Embossed bottles like these offer some hope for the existence of additional information on the history of the product. We have started collecting old bottles because of their beauty. This question deals with whether the base of a bottle has a pontil scar, and if present, what type of pontil scar. It is shorter and squatter. The bottle also does not have a ground down surface on the top of the finish.

Marion bottling company/Orange Crush Bottling Company

Orange Crush Bottle

The picture to the right is a close-up of the neck and finish of the Cloverdale Dairy bottle. The company still had to find new ways to prop up the company during the hard times of the depression. One day I decided to go inside.

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His idea was to bottle the brand in twelve ounce bottles selling it for the price of the six ounce Coca-Cola, five cents. It also has the highly diagnostic horizontal mold seam circling the neck just below the bottom of the finish as well as the multiple and offset seams that are indicative of a machine manufacturing. After the war ended they were still dealing with some of these shortages, but things eventually did get better. Once the likely bottle age or date range is determined, some examples of other places to look for more information is provided.

A Crush Bottle Discovery

Click on the picture above to see more distinctly where the side mold seams end on the two bottles. This gives added evidence that the bottle definitely dates prior to or so. When Ward cofounded the company in with Clayton J. See the pontil scars page for more information.

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It should also be noted that these bottles were truly clear glass. This question asks if there is either any embossing on the bottle or if there are mold seams present on the body, shoulder, or neck. The exceptions to this have been elucidated in the introduction. These bottles were almost always clear or green. Most, if not all of these bottles came out of the Northeast, particularly Maine and New Hampshire.

Mountain Dew Hillbilly bottle caps. Blue Ridge Ginger Ale green depression glass tumbler. In all other styles with Mr.

RE 1920 Orange Crush Bottle

It is frosted or stippled throughout. The noted scuffing and wear on the bottle is a result of milk bottles typically being reused dozens or scores of times Lockhart pers. This question asks if there are any mold seams within the outside edges of the bottle base.

Here were brown Orange Crush bottles just like my mom had told me about. It is not always easy to find all the information you desire on a specific bottle as is noted and outlined in the examples above. Mountain Dew Pepsi Hillbilly bottle cap. There are however, distinguishing features to these clear bottles which help to classify, categorize and separate these for the ardent collector. Blue Ridge Strawberry Soda bottle caps.

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However, one can usually ascertain something more about most historic bottles if one is willing to spend some time doing additional research in libraries, on the internet, museums, and other places. In most bottles, both are identical. Pepper, and, of course, catchy headline online dating Coke.

The bottle also does not have a ground down surface at the top of the finish i. There was no car and nothing much interesting to look at, except for four or five open cardboard boxes. The blowpipe style pontil scar puts the date of this bottle as no later than approximately and does indicate that it could date back to or even before. These beautiful glass bottles belong to several eras, which overlap somewhat.

The proximity of the company to Oregon would make it a likely source. The overall crudity of the bottle would indicate a manufacturing time on the earlier end of this range. It is likely this bottle also dates from that era, i. Hull, dating Jr Copyright by Wythe M.

On the clear bottles, with his hand over his head, squeezing an orange. Fike's book notes that the product was advertised in and in Portland. The boxes were filled with pop bottles, and my first thought was to take them to the grocery store for the two-cent deposits. If you would be interested in adding another bottle to your collection please let us know. Most likely it was a paper label placed on their regular Pepsi-Cola paper label bottles which might explain why we have yet to see one.

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This is not inconsistent with the dating done above but is on the earlier edge of the range. The user is now directed on the Dating page to move to the Machine-made Bottles portion of the Dating page. Small picture of a group of bottle dating between and.

  1. And he found there an old clear bottle of Orange crush of pr.
  2. These machines were licensed by Owens Bottle Company and used by many other companies, however.
  3. Once again more information could be found on these bottles by searching the internet.
  4. However, there is some which is quite useful in narrowing down the age.

It was used through to but eventually dropped from the mixture. Close-up of label from above bottle. We only have this one bottle and really do not have a need for it. Crush has been a big part of Minho life, and all the Minh family!

Also have unused Crush bottle caps. Crushy, both amber and clear, examples of he faces right. The pictures below show that neither of these bottles have any evidence of a pontil scar on the base.

Perhaps these clear bottles are less memorable in our minds than the amber ones, but in terms of history, as well as beauty, they certainly have stood the test of time. This piece concentrates specifically on the Orange Crush bottles. On close observation it is apparent that neither bottle has a ground down top surface to the finish. Because of the likely regional distribution of the Celro-Kola product there would likely be less information available on it. The classic glass bottles in which Orange Crush was sold, is a story in itself.

No material may be copied for commercial purposes. Third times the charm and Pepsi-Cola would be with the company till the end. Would appreciate a contact. Marion Bottling Company had secured the franchise to distribute non-alcoholic Budweiser and Bevo during prohibition.

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Howell, actual orange pulp was part of the original formula. Diamond style Orange Crush bottle cap. Hopefully this writing will help fellow collectors to put some rhyme or reason into the organization of these wonderful bottles, representing a past era in the history of a classic Orange drink. Crushy always faced right.

Vintage Orange Crush Soda Bottles Take a Ribbing

  • Close-up of the message included on all bottles, beginning with the brown embossed glass version.
  • Same as above in green glass.
  • This bottle keyed out much quicker than the first example because this is as far as the dating key goes for free-blown bottles.

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Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Orange Crush Collectibles. As with the later amber bottles, Mr. He did give in, and went to New York to obtain a franchise which he was granted after he told Guth off when he demanded that Hull drop Orange Crush. This is consistent with the very flattened embossing on this bottle can not be seen in the picture.

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Orange Crush Bottle
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