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What is the Benefit of Choosing the Traffic Safety Program

The roadway is a unique environment. Report aggressive driving to the police. To save lives and to reduce the risk of life-altering injuries within your workforce. To guard against potential company and personal liabilities associated with crashes involving employees driving on company business.

Employers can be cited for violating the General Duty Clause if there is a recognized hazard and they do not take reasonable steps to prevent or abate the hazard. Driving with the window down in cold weather. Written Policies and Procedures A written statement emphasizing the commitment to reducing traffic-related deaths and injuries is essential to a successful program. Regular maintenance should be done at specific mileage intervals consistent with the manufacturer's recommendations. You must screen out drivers who have poor driving records since they are most likely to cause problems in the future.

If you do not pass the final exam the first time, you may review the course material and try again. Visiting Students Visiting Students are enrolled at a college seeking credit for course work at another college.

Sadly, these numbers represent only the tip of the iceberg since these crashes are seriously under-reported. Creating and communicating company driver safety policies will positively affect the company's bottom line if addressed completely and wisely. Can you spot an impaired driver on the road?

Safe driving practices require that you constantly search the roadway ahead for situations that could require you to take quick action. Don't ask other employees to drive dangerously by texting or calling or any other behavior which falls outside safe driving practices. Vehicles should be on a routine preventive maintenance schedule for servicing and checking of safety-related equipment.

Traffic Safety Program

Certain criteria need to be met in order for you to qualify for reinstatement. Offer incentives for sticking to the rules, and point out the consequences of disregarding them. Train employees to make smart decisions when they're behind the wheel, on and off the job. Recognize that driving requires your full attention. As an employer, do your part by keeping your parking lot well lighted and well maintained.

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Avoid taking medications that cause drowsiness. These situations create a high level of frustration that can spark aggressive driving behavior. Fill out the Client Intake Form now. Employers have enormous power to protect their businesses by educating their employees about safe driving practices. This booklet outlines ten steps for building a driver safety program in your workplace.

Celebrations are a part of our lives and sometimes they include alcohol. The safety issues described below should be addressed in an employee awareness and training program.

Community driver safety programs

To protect your organization's human and financial resources. Look for anger or stress management classes or self-help books.

If you think you have a problem, seek help. Reduces employer and employee healthcare costs. Engaging in unsafe driving practices affects those who occasionally drive their personal vehicles for work purposes as well as those who spend their workday driving a company vehicle. If, for some reason you are not eligible to drive, both you and your supervisor will be notified.

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Consequently, the driver must find a high-risk insurance company and face substantial rate increases. The Safe Driving Program is credited with saving five lives a year.

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Make sure the information you enter is absolutely correct, as incorrect info will cause delays. Plan a rest stop during these hours. Ignore gestures and refuse to return them. Employers bear the cost for injuries that occur both on and off the job.

Provides public relations benefits for your company. Some age and driving record restrictions apply. By creating and maintaining safe driving policies and offering driver safety training, companies of all sizes have produced proven results. Driving on the wrong side of the road.

Visit the Vanguard Hub for all your student resources. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have access to all of the data that you need. When behind the wheel, you always need to be alert and focused. Making the safe choice could save your life.

Reach Out to Family and Community Members. Employer programs not only inform employees about traffic hazards and educate them about responsible driving practices but they can create a safer roadway environment for the entire community. Creates a safer driving environment for your employees, their dependents, dcr-trv33 usb driver and members of the community. Community Safety Programs. Drivers under the influence of alcohol often display certain characteristic driving behaviors.

It is advisable that the organization review and consider the safety features of all vehicles to be considered for use. This document is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. The organization can provide technical assistance, various highway safety awareness materials, and other support for your program. Let your concern for their safety be their final thought as they leave your parking lot.

Regulatory Compliance Ensure adherence to highway safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to comply with hazard-specific safety and health standards. Students are also eligible to receive concurrent college credit for most of our programs. This comprehensive initiative provided workplace education programs and strict seat belt usage policies. Workplace driver safety programs not only make good business sense but also are a good employee relations tool, demonstrating that employers care about their employees.

Overly frustrated drivers are turning their cars into extensions of their homes and offices, creating a dangerous distraction on the road that fuels aggressive driving among other drivers. Crashes caused by drowsy driving are often serious crashes and occur most often on high-speed rural highways when the driver is alone. Safety Facts for the Road A major reason for increased traffic congestion is that our highway system has not kept pace with the growing demands placed on it. Create a clear, comprehensive and enforceable set of traffic safety policies and communicate them to all employees. Offer safe-driving courses for employees.

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These are the cornerstones of an effective driver safety program. Distracted drivers fail to recognize potential hazards in the road and react more slowly to traffic conditions, decreasing their margin of safety. The best advice is to avoid engaging in conflict with other drivers and to allow others to merge. During a crash or when making sudden maneuvers, loose objects can slide around or become airborne, injuring the driver and any passengers. Recognizing the opportunity that employers have to save lives, a growing number of employers have established traffic safety programs in their companies.

In addition, they increase the company overhead involved in administering these programs. Objects that could become a hazard should be secured or stored outside the passenger compartment. Together, we can make it reality. Once you master the worksheet for one crash, you can then apply it to all the crashes experienced in a chosen time frame e.