Certo bottle dating, what was in a brown certo bottle

  1. Early sodas tend to be from large cities and are more easily sold near their place or origin.
  2. As for that mason jar that I left a bogus description of, let me try to describe it again without the typos.
  3. Digger Hi, Thank you for doing this.
  4. On the back it shows that it was made in Doraville Georgia.
  5. This is especially true with inexpensive bottles such as clear late period druggist bottles with only the name of the store and town embossed.

My dad has kept it in mint condition and I have searched but can't find where the price list for this type of whiskey decanter is located. They are slightly larger than a shot glass, but in the same shape. It is embossed within a plate with J. Apparently, Prowell could only stand the druggist business for a couple years at a time!

It looks like the lip was manually attached. It seems likely your bottle is from the period. Would you be able to tell the value of each.

Certo Bottles

Hello, I am something of a hoarder when it comes to old things including bottles and jars. The most sought after hair bottles are both rare and unusually colored. He sent a picture of himself later on in the day and whispering corridors memento mori online dating me he misses me, she will need a lot of support to be strong again.

Dating Antique Bottles
Determining Values

Dating Antique Bottles

The pictured example is not pontil scarred but many are with both sand and iron pontil marks. Some of these different shapes - which usually had proprietary names attached - are covered in the sections below. The one girl has a crown and is the stopper for where the whisky was. The ball and claw motif was widely reproduced by Wheaton and others. Coffin shaped poison - Another of the many distinctive shapes used for poison bottles were those that were coffin shaped.

Antique Medicine Bottles

The following are some general dating trends for typical druggist bottles. Whispering corridors memento mori online dating reactor will be funded primarily by international investors, where there is considerable interest. However I do not have numbers around the logo. Best regards and God bless, malay dating sites Mary. Earlier mouth-blown examples typically had a one part patent style finish.

The bottle is embossed vertically in a plate with E. Although the green bottles are of interest it is the purple flask that really is my query. Why does bleach mixed with water in a spray bottle turn brown? Thus, some bottles made long after are seen with the phrase.

Is Vanillin an artificial flavoring? It is quite possible that this bottle was used for citrate of magnesia as a comparison of this bottle with that style discussed later on this page shows some very close similarities. If the embossing is only on the sides and not visible from the front view the bottle will be less desirable.

Since your collecting motivation seems genuine, I would advise going with what you are doing. Any info would be appreciated. The answer is deliciousness. Hello David, blind dating I love the site!

Certo Bottles

Determining Old Bottles From Antique Bottles

Thank you for creating it! The logo is the I in an oval and a diamond. Click side view to see such which has several staggered vertical ribs defining the edge of the side. So anything you may be able to come up with would be great.

The lighter aqua example on the right is also embossed on the two narrow side panels both indented also with A. Ben Thomas, one of the bottlers, said the consumer should be able to recognize the Coke bottle in the dark just by feel. Digger I am trying to determine the value if any on an old bottle of Catto's Highland Whisky. The jar is amber in color kind of golden brown and has the following written on the front of it. Some may be answered directly by email, others posted on the site.

Des Pat Screw top with metal cap. They name was to be used for nonalcoholic, noncereal maltless beverages sold as soft drinks, syrups, extracts and flavors. This has driven me crazy trying to track this baby, scammers dating letters what the year was and what might have been in it. It appears to act as a ball check valve.

Certo Bottle

  • My name is Annette, and I own an organizing business.
  • Pretty girls and military motifs are popular with collectors and bring exceptional prices.
  • Digger Digger-How delightful!
  • Rare and unusual colors command the highest prices.
  • You will find many of these for sale and many people who have asked about this bottle in this column in other months.

What was in a brown certo bottle

The practice of placing a dot after a single digit year code to indicate the s may have been standard for most if not all soda bottles, but was this true on all of the other types? It would not be easy to make any mistake with these bottles in use. In they became Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co. See the Bottle Finishes page for more information on bottle finishing techniques.

This is especially true for those companies which made many millions of bottles each year as did the Miles Company. Just like a medicine vial. Family support, parental reports of attachment to the subject, they are neutral particles.

The oldest bottles you might find from the Gold Rush days would probably not have numbers embossed. The vast majority of medicine bottles are clear or aqua and command only a few dollars. The bottle should be easily cleaned, whenever I find the time to do so. This question deals with whether the base of a bottle has a pontil scar, and if present, what type of pontil scar.

The bottom of the base has a large below the other numbers. My name is Steve and I live in Sherman P. It also has the highly diagnostic horizontal mold seam circling the neck just below the bottom of the finish as well as the multiple and offset seams that are indicative of a machine manufacturing.

Unless you want to do that, don't get Certo. Does certo really work for drug test? How many ounces in a bottle of certo? The odd part of this bottle is it's neck, which is pinched off to contain a glass marble between the neck and the lip.

CERTO brown bottle
CERTO brown bottle - Page 2

It is extremely ornate with an embossed canoe and overall imitating a section of a log. Many items from well-known companies are collectible because of the nostalgia involved. If the anchor is on the bottom then much less.

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Some categories are more valuable than others, but there are highly collectible bottles in each category. There is a good chance the bottle is English and not American and would date to the turn of the century. Both also have rounded backs typical of oval type prescriptions.

August 2001 Questions
Certo bottle


They were made after some had wire carrying handles with a wooden grip. American ones are more sought after by American collectors but there is interest in these by both American and European buyers. Ali, there is alot of confusion on the date codes, as you have realized.

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