ASUS R9 X compatibility/ driver problem (AHCI)

Asus 280x Drivers

The Radeon R9 X Review Feat. Asus & XFX - Meet The Radeon Series

Nvidia was somehow slower on numbers, but acted as turbo cars. My card also occasionally shows artifacts. To others facing the same issue, save yourself the trouble, you can't fix it and the best solution is to request your retailer to exchange it for an equivalent nVidia GeForce card.

Asus 280x drivers

ASUS Radeon RX DirectCU II TOP review - Introduction

If this prove true, even fixing heat, the card would eventualy gets artifacts again in the future, and worse, after garantee time. But then it seemed to installed the update and forced me to restart the computer. Nobody can tell something about it? Imo underclocking shouldn't be a solution so i'm not happy at all with this card.

ASUS Radeon R9 280 DirectCU II gives new edge to hardcore gamers

Artifacts are way less then, just something that van be dealed with. Maybe is really a driver issue about using memories properly? If I recall you were waiting for them right?

Why there are a lot of ppl praying for help to Asus? Sapphire Vapor-X cooled on main heatsink all memories modules and other stuff around the card, different from that Asus of today. Just Asus, aceros ad5 driver wifi the almost mythical hardware supplier that gives the best components money can buy into a piece of manufacture.

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The artifacting occurs even at idle for me though, so it's not cut and dry to me. Facebook is probably the worst, with youtube. Display Driver Update in Graphic Cards.

That's why we bring you the best of the best. And also my system is too old very very old! In the first screenshot above we are showing you the highest voltage we could set our card to. The other part that the Twin Frozr cooler uses is a large Aluminium fin grid array that provides a huge amount of surface area for cooling.

This tool will install you the latest drivers for all devices on your computer. New bios and drivers changed nothing. The same drivers are being used. Due to inventory issues, Newegg gave me a refund instead of replacement. The problem seems to be that the cards Vram overheats due to the combination of no heatsinks and the overvolt.

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Hello, I have artifacts on my Asus x in every single game I play. First, I can verify the issue is not limited to Asus brand on the x. Tested the card hotter also, and seems more stable then the older drivers in the same condition. How many users the utility has helped to install the latest drivers?


Both replaced heatsinks got the same problem on fans at the same months of use. Brought to you by the letter G. Will take about a month or so to arrive, unfortunatelly.

Someday you start the computer and runs hours of hours of it without nothing. Because its a really common issue.